Perpetual Guardian Sculpture on the Gulf 2024

Updated 27th March 2024
tall sculpture against the ocean and sky

Anything could happen at Sculpture on the Gulf 2024. Wakefield Dreaming, by Brett Graham - Photo / Peter Rees Photography.

Where Art Meets Nature

Anton Forde for Sculpture on the Gulf 2022. The Unity of Protection - fifty-five carved contemporary pou stand watch over the Hauraki Gulf in a kao kao / arrow formation upon the Matiatia headland.

A Conversation Between Sculpture and Site

Oliver Stretton for Sculpture on the Gulf 2024. Hard Graft made from Wood, steel, and copper.

Previous Featured Artists and Their Captivating Works

David McCracken for Sculpture on the Gulf, Diminish and Descend, 2005

Exploring the Exhibition

Gregor Kregar for Sculpture on the Gulf 2013. Pavilion Structure was a structure made out of 11 tons of recycled timber.

Plan Your Visit

Tania Patterson for Sculpture on the Gulf 2015. Flowers of the Sky - Each flower is individually laser cut from steel, then welded together to form a dome.