Your Waiheke Weekend Itinerary with the Winter Passport!

Updated 21st June 2024

Explore Waiheke Island with the Waiheke Homes Winter. Passport

Make the most of your passport with This 2-day itinerary

Day 1: Morning - Travel and Relax in Style

Omana Luxury Villa - relax with a view.

Day 1: Afternoon - Explore Waiheke by sea or air

Take a 30 or 45 minute flight with Waiheke Wings

Day 1: Late Afternoon - Hiking or biking

With E-Ride, biking has never been easier.

Day 1: Enjoy a delicious dinner on Waiheke Island

Vino Vino - right in the heart of Oneroa Village.

Day 2: Morning - Spend the day exploring the island on a Wine Tour

The Wine Tasting Company - Sip & Savor Tour

Day 2: Afternoon - Soak up that wine with a delicious lunch

Seasonal fresh food at Arcadia Restaurant.

Day 2: Late Afternoon: Find souvenirs & local goodies at Waiheke's shops

Take home some Waiheke wine and re-live your adventure.

Make plans for your next trip to Waiheke Island

Worth over $3500 in value and deals from 47 business, the Waiheke Homes Waiheke Island Winter Passport is a must have this winter.